The Only Screening Solution Designed for Real Estate Agents.

Works great for landlords too.

Stop wasting time with unqualified rental prospects!  Pre-qualify them with TenantMagic.

30-Second Explainer Video.

3 Fast Ways to Get Your Prospect Started:

  •     Email your prospect your personalized link
  •     Place a TenantMagic-provided "Apply Here" button on your web site
  •     Display TenantMagic-provided keyword that your prospect can text to 72727
    • Call for details


      TenantMagic provides direct customer service to applicants having questions,issues or needing assistance.

      While some landlords may have additional criteria to consider, most will be pleased they can make an almost instant decision.

      Applicant are alerted to be prepared to present photo identification, proof of employment or income, and proof of your current residence.

      The process is very short. Typically it takes no more than 10 minutes

      TenantMagic is a registered trademark of TenantMagic LLC, an online rental application and screening solution provider.

      TenantMagic is headquartered in Shaker Heights, Ohio